Ghost Boxes for Halloween Sweets!

Ghost Boxes for Halloween Treats made with DIY Wax Papers. Follow these simple steps!

  1. Print your template onto any paper, white or colored. Place it on a large sheet of grease-proof/baking paper and sprinkle little chips of wax all over.
  2. Place another sheet of grease proof paper on top and iron all over it on a low setting. Be careful not to put too much wax, we had wax leaking out all around the edge. So start with a small amount, add as you go and protect the work surface with enough grease-proof paper!
  3. When the wax is dry, cut the template, score and fold all the lines. Fix the tabs to the other end with double-sided tape. Glue sticks won’t work so well on waxed paper.
  4. Thread a string through the top as in the photo. Pull to close it and tie up, leave it long if you’re thinking of hanging these up.
  5. Fill with sweets!
  6. Thread and tie the bottom end to close up. Tie with a ribbon knot so it’s easy to pull the thread to open it.


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